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Open Social

Drupal-based "digital spaces that empower your members to connect, share knowledge and spread their ideas."

It features an activity stream of the blogs, resources, etc that your peers post within groups people can join (or start, if given the permissions to).

Major SaaS-only features include: 

  • Real-time text chat.  (Not open source?)
  • Audio/video/screenshare meetings via BigBlueButton or Zoom integration.  (Integration not open sourced / Zoom is proprietary.)
  • Real-time collaborative content editing. (Integration/feature not open sourced?)
  • Android and iOS mobile apps. (Not open sourced.)
  • Organization profiles where organizations have their own space within the platform to share content and engage with community, including being able to make people community managers within that space.  (Not open source?)

There are some proprietary Drupal modules used when hosting on the Open Social platform itself. This infers the possibility of some extra effort migrating off of the platform, but it has been reported that their staff have been very helpful assisting clients during this transition.