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Netdata: Monitoring and troubleshooting transformed

Monitor everything in real time.
For free.

Troubleshoot slowdowns and anomalies in your infrastructure with thousands of per-second metrics, meaningful visualizations, and insightful health alarms with zero configuration.

The overall presentation does not immediately convey that it is definitely LibreSaaS, but the clarification for "Why is Netdata Community Free?" on the Pricing page seems to make it clear:

Monitoring and troubleshooting with Netdata is free, forever, for everyone. If you check the feature list carefully, you will see that every single monitoring feature is available for free to everyone.

Also, due to the design of the Netdata solution, all the monitoring capabilities (including ML) are implemented at the Netdata Agent, which is open-source and is installed on-prem.

We only charge for better integration of our monitoring solution with your business processes. We develop both the monitoring solution and the business process integration in parallel, knowing that you will find the Netdata way of monitoring a lot easier, faster, more efficient, more modern, cooler, and eventually you will want to integrate it better with your business processes as your team grows.

The home page has this:

Open Source

Netdata is committed to open-source. The heart of our software and the key building block of the Netdata ecosystem, the Netdata Agent, is open-source licensed under GPL-v3+. The Agent is the database, the query engine, the health engine, the machine learning engine, based on which users gets all its advantages. The Agent is our gift to the world! And we love community contributions!

So actually it is partially libre, the entire stack that you can pay for is not necessarily something you can run independently?