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LibreSaaS is Libre (free) Software as a Service.  It is software with all the power and control of being able to see and modify the source code and run it wherever you want, with all the ease and speed of having it already available running on "someone else's computer"— ideally as a cooperatively owned, democratically run platform.


October 19, 2023

LibreSaaS can lower the barrier to using Free Software

For any technology important to our lives, we owe ourselves full control over it.

If any element of software or services you rely on is proprietary, you are in a position of facing extortionate prices, permanent service shutdowns, or inflexibility to adapt your tools to your needs.



Monitoring and troubleshooting software and service.


Manyverse is a social network without the bad stuff, built on the peer-to-peer SSB protocol. It's free and open source, and available for desktop and mobile.


Discourse bills itself as "The online home for your community: We make it easy to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere"


  • community
  • Libre Software
  • Instance hosted by organization doing primary development
  • self-hosted options
  • free hosting
  • donations
  • federated

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LibreSaaS provides a powerful business model for developing Free Software: Bundling the hosting and the software development costs together.