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LibreSaaS can lower the barrier to using Free Software

A stone garden path passes before a high stone wall.  Near a large decorative rock and in front of a silvery bush, in a wide patch of fresh dirt, a green sign on a low wooden post reads in white capital letters: Polite Warning: Uneven Paving.  Visitors using this path do so at their own risk.  (That last sentence is not as large print, but is underlined.)
October 19, 2023

In our ideal world, everyone has all the free software in the world at their fingertips, installable through well-maintained, secure, and up-to-date package managers.

In the world we live in, there are rueful jokes for more than one programming language about installing some package manager in order to install another package manager, and the same holds true for operating systems.

The easiest way to run even simple single-user software is, indeed, often on someone else's computer, in particular if someone has gone through the trouble of writing a web-based interface for that software.

Then when we get to complex and collaboration-enabling software, often the only feasible way is shared computing infrastructure.

For any technology important to our lives, we owe ourselves full control over it. Running software on someone else's computer may never be the full control we deserve, but having software free to potentially run on our own terms is much better than not.